Basement, Renovation, Residential
A young couple had purchased their first home & decided to finish the basement after the birth of their second child. The drawings were submitted to the City of Edmonton and recieved approval without question.

The renovation was done by Completely Hammered Construction and looks fantastic.

The children enjoy their indoor play space and Mom and Dad enjoy their now reclaimed Living Room!


Addition, Kitchen, Renovation, Residential
The house the client was expanding on was built over 40 years ago and he still had the original architectural drawings. Using these and site measurements Aryn recreated the floor plan in AutoCAD, showing the addition.

During the project, changes were made and an Inspector requested updated drawings. Aryn was able to arrive on site within 24 hours of the original call, bring her computer to the project site & update to match the new plan.

By providing Portable Drafting services, ARDRAdrafting streamlines the Drawing process – being on site & capturing all details in one visit and updates as needed!