• Aryn Effert | Owner & Architecturual Technician
About Aryn & ARDRAdrafting
ARDRA Drafting comes from a combination of Architectural Drawing and Drafting pronounced Ar-Dra Drafting. 

In October 2019 Aryn launched Ardra Drafting after encountering several small companies and home owners needing cost effective drafting services. Recognizing that by helping with these small projects, she's able to fulfill a need and a passion for quality.

Currently Ardra Drafting is still young, yet the goal is to connect small projects on tight budgets and in need of Drafting with burgeoning drafters that need experience. Until then, Ardra Drafting will continue to offer Drafting, 3D Rendering and permit assistance.
Aryn grew up helping her father, a sider, a renovator and general Jack-of-All-Trades with whatever needed repairs. As the eldest she learned to maintain vehicles, side and roof houses, install windows and doors, even basic electrical and plumbing. At an age as young as two she could be found helping him as he worked on family vehicles, repairing things around the house or tidying up a job site. This early involvement in general maintenance and construction fostered a keen interest in how things are built, how they operate, how they are maintained and an understanding that high quality construction begins with a quality plan.

While she worked alongside her father, her mother fostered her love of art. From an early age Aryn learned she had a love of creating, whether in paint, with a pencil or on the computer. Her mother ensured there was no end to her art supplies, whether it was sewing, building, painting or sketching; there was always the means to create. Over the years she has worked in a variety of fields, from women's clothing and shoes, to marketing; even rural mail delivery. It was when she had an opportunity to work within the construction industry as a Roofing & Siding Expert at Roofmart that she realized she had a passion and had developed innate comprehension of residential construction processes through working alongside her father.

Though her skill in Excel lead her to work within Oil & Gas Quality Control; she dreamed of one day designing energy efficient and environmentally friendly homes. After the Fort Mac Fire, the opportunity arose to take an Architectural CAD Technician Diploma course. Aryn took a leap of faith, choosing to pursue her dream and a new career. Her passion for high quality, high safety and efficiency carries through into assisting her clients with their plans and collaborating to find innovative solutions.

While operating ARDRAdrafting, Aryn is currently enrolled at Athabasca University; she is working on completing her Bachelor of Science in Architecture to one day become an Architect. She lives in Edmonton with her Fiance Aaron and their muttpupp, Safe.